Arnold + Rachel Are Getting Maui’d

Ok, cheesy title- I know – but I couldn’t help it.
Guys, my best friend is getting married. Well, I do have two best friends, but that doesn’t make Rachel any less my best friend. :)

I won’t go on too much – because I don’t have time to dissolve into a puddle of tears and mushy-heart-goo, but my dear friend, my birthday twin, my college roomie, my sister… dropped her stressful job in the IE a few years ago and moved to Hawaii… because she is ridiculously bold and amazing. In the process of reinventing her life, she has met the sweetest, kindest, hard-working, soul, who cherishes her… probably as much as I do… or at least close. ;) I was honored, thrilled… overjoyed when they asked me to fly out to Maui to do their engagement photos. (what IS my life?!?)

Rachel & Arnold —- there is no question how much you love each other. These photos prove that you guys infuse joy and life into each other’s souls. I cannot wait for the wedding in June. I love you – Aloha.



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