Lifestyle photography is a vague and nebulous concept that is dominating the field of photography this decade. As far as shaping my style as a lifestyle photographer, it means, “let’s go outside and play!” I know one of the other “in” things is to edit in  faded-vintage, moody shades, which I LOVE and there are certainly times and places to emulate this, but I can’t help myself; my home, my closet, my children’s closets, are full of vivid color because it makes me happy.  I have decided to accept that exciting color is the flavor of my photography brand, and therefore, I find the photos I take seasoned with happiness! Yeah! That’s something to get up and be excited about!

Here is one of my favorite “play” shoots I was able to do recently. A couple of gorgeous gals embarking on  blogging/health/entrepreneur/guru paths asked me to do some media content photos for them. Step 1, we went to the Farmer’s Market. There are a ton more from this day that I will share soon, but for now, I thought a little infusion of color would brighten up your Saturday.



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