The Cornelius Crew

Oh my sweet sweet friend Anissa, Benjamin & Co. I could fill this blog with a billion mushy sentiments and still not quite aptly express all my “feels”. So – just the one thing. Thanks for loving each other and loving your kids. The world is lighter and lovelier wherever you go. Keep it so.


Oh What Fun…

‘Tis the season to wear cute, coordinated outfits and hang out with ME! This fall shoot season has been so great. My job is really, really fun. I love working with kids (even when they don’t like me :)) and seeing them grow and change over the seasons is an absolute privilege. It was so great to note the difference in little Murray #3 this year as he has had over a year to get settled into his forever family. Oh my heart could burst with all this cuteness. <3




I have the absolute privilege of working with all sorts of people in my awesome job but I have to admit that the whimsical, carefree, and good-humored people have a special place in my heart. Sydney and Robert – your day was full of joy, whimsy, fun, COLOR, unique details, Jesus, love, and just enough silliness. I’m not sure the world has ever seen a more infectious laugh than yours Mrs. Baum. And your faces… lol. So much greatness. Thank you so much for giving me the honor of being with you. I hope you enjoy reliving your big day as much as I did.

Thanks again to my best girl Lori-lynn for shooting this with me and keeping my head screwed on straight.






Hello Madeline

Sometimes I get to be one of the first to meet new people…. new tiny people. People who are new to the world. I absolutely love this honor. Congrats to the B fam on their second gorgeous girl.


Kaitlyn 2016

Taking a little pause from full blown wedding season to celebrate with this hard working, gorgeous grad! Kaitlyn, you’ve got the world ahead of you and the determination to take it! Thanks for sharing these great moments with me. I feel like you should pick up some extra cash in college by modeling. You’re lovely.


Ms. Banks 2016

It’s the time of year to celebrate educational accomplishment! I’d like to start with this amazing lady. Jessica is an Ike graduate; one of my husband’s favorite students from his yearbook advising days. She is now a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino and is already putting her experience and education to use, helping woman escape domestic violence. Banks, we are super proud of you. Your light shines so brightly. Thank you for keeping us in your life. Keep on changin’ the world. (and check out those Mary Poppins hops!)


Rene + Karen Engagement

I love when a couple is just “down to hang out” for their engagement session! Rene and Karen connected with the camera and just let themselves be together. **sigh** This relaxed, easy emotional expression is a photographer’s dream. The sky was ominous and moody, making for some great lighting, and the wind made purple petals swirl down around them under this great tree that I have yet to identify (I couldn’t decided if a Purple Rain reference was timely or offensive… but it was there and we can all appreciate the artistry of the dearly departed rock royalty regardless). Thanks for letting me hang with you guys. I’m so excited for the wedding!



Lifestyle photography is a vague and nebulous concept that is dominating the field of photography this decade. As far as shaping my style as a lifestyle photographer, it means, “let’s go outside and play!” I know one of the other “in” things is to edit in  faded-vintage, moody shades, which I LOVE and there are certainly times and places to emulate this, but I can’t help myself; my home, my closet, my children’s closets, are full of vivid color because it makes me happy.  I have decided to accept that exciting color is the flavor of my photography brand, and therefore, I find the photos I take seasoned with happiness! Yeah! That’s something to get up and be excited about!

Here is one of my favorite “play” shoots I was able to do recently. A couple of gorgeous gals embarking on  blogging/health/entrepreneur/guru paths asked me to do some media content photos for them. Step 1, we went to the Farmer’s Market. There are a ton more from this day that I will share soon, but for now, I thought a little infusion of color would brighten up your Saturday.


Wild Adventures

Sometimes I need to know there are places still wild and untouched- where our souls can commune with nature and survive without techno gadgets. I realize more and more that somehow, my children are growing up as city kids. Their feet beat the pavement and asphalt  (and that spongy-rubber playground stuff) where mine kicked dirt and stumbled through wild sage brush and grassy fields. When I release my kids in nature, I see something kindled in them: they are wilder, freer, they expand in the space and in their confidence. It’s as if the wide open spaces allow them to be more than what they can be in the confines of a backyard, house or classroom.

So what happens when a photographer and a costume designer with this same heartbeat become friends? You’re about to see! I am forever grateful to Tegwyn DeForest Design (my dear friend Emily Hall) for connecting with my vision, creating the costumes for this shoot (it’s faux fur, I assure you), and providing me some gorgeous girls to play with. I am so wildly delighted in what we produced… and confident that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, these kids will fend for themselves just fine.  I hope you enjoy and that this inspires you to set yourselves and your loved ones on your own wilderness experience. (If you’re a modeling agent and and interested in representing these kids, inquire within. :))

Today is your day to dance lightly with life,
sing wild songs of adventure,
invite rainbows and butterflies out to play,
soar your spirit, and unfurl your joy.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie





This amazing family has been letting me play with them for about 5 years now. I love their energy, their love for each other, and their crazy awesome ideas. They have grown from a family of 4 to a family of 6 in that time and they are looking into changing locations now too. In efforts to downsize, they may be soon parting with this great changing table dresser. Bec has changed all her babies’ booties on this table and she wanted to document it in all it’s awesomeness before passing it on. Wishing you more joy and deeper love through all the changes ahead. :)