Frankie J

There are hardly words to express my love for this little family and it’s newest member, Franklin Justice Shalom. Anissa has been my friend since our 2nd semester of college… and once we became friends we wondered why we had wasted a whole semester not together. It took her longer than she hoped, but God brought her her dream man, Benjamin and just last year they got married… much to my great joy and delight! They are all that you hope for in a couple – loving each other, having adventures, loving people. Now this little beautiful has burst on the scene and I am pretty sure she is the neatest person ever born. Let me introduce you to my friend Frankie J.

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Holiday Sessions: Garcia Family

Honest to goodness, these lovely people are my neighbors. The kind that you borrow sugar from, invite to your kids birthday parties, and you tear down the hazardous, dilapidated fence between your backyards when they move in and decide you really don’t need it…. four years later, still don’t need it. We took these out in our street. Love, love, love.


Baby Bump at the Fair

Ryan and Rachel are so much fun! They are expecting their little one to be born soon… and they have held out on discovering the gender! It’s fitting that they chose such a fun, untraditional, and exciting location to commemorate this time of anticipation. Whether boy or girl, this child is going to have a couple of amazing parents.

Family Session

Joe and Brandy, you’ve had a wild ride this year! From Addy’s birth, to moving, to health and job difficulties… whew! I am so grateful to know you guys. I feel like the sun is finally coming out after your storms and I am so glad. Hope these can serve as a reminder that as cliche as it may seem, He really does make all things beautiful in His time.

Awkward & Otherwise

My talented, hilarious, charming, smart, and quirky friend Hillary (see her work here) requested family photos during their beach stay this summer while Matt, her smart hubby was teaching smart kids how to be even smarter at some sort of smarty-pants camp. I was delighted – – even more when she mentioned she also wanted to take a shot at mimicking one of her funny obsessions – Awkward Family Photos. I love playing! Too bad they are just to darn good lookin’ to pull off awkward – but we had an amazing time attempting. Awkward and otherwise – gotta love those Leonards.


Kim & Ian {Engagement}

KI Skyline 1

From the moment we first met Kim & Ian, we’ve been dying to get to know them more. When they told us that they are getting married at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park, it was all we could do to not get on our knees and beg them to let us capture their ceremony as we thought of the creative artistic opportunities such a unique location would afford. Fortunately for us, Kim & Ian are entrusting us with their wedding photography! This past Sunday, Laura & I (Emily) had the pleasure of meeting Kim & Ian for their engagement shoot at Griffith Park. Our time with them proved to us that they are just as vivacious & whimsical as we had expected…

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