Anna + Ryan {Baby Bump}

Oh.My.Goodness. I can’t even believe the delicious little post I’m about to make. These friends took a chance on me and their wedding was my first as a primary shooter. We made some beautiful photos that day. :) I feel so insanely fortunate that they called on me for maternity photos. These moments are so lovely; almost as lovely as the little one that will make her debut this summer. :)

2014-05-31_0001 2014-05-31_0002 2014-05-31_0003 2014-05-31_0004 2014-05-31_0005 2014-05-31_0006 2014-05-31_0007 2014-05-31_0008 2014-05-31_0009 2014-05-31_0010 2014-05-31_0011 2014-05-31_0012 2014-05-31_0013 2014-05-31_0014 2014-05-31_0015 2014-05-31_0016 2014-05-31_0017 2014-05-31_0018

Leah + Pete {Baby Bump}

There’s something wonderful about knowing people in college, watching them fall in love, and seeing that turn into a happy marriage and a baby on the way! I couldn’t be more excited for Pete & Leah and their baby boy arriving in May. Thanks for spending an afternoon with me guys!


JohnsonBabyBump-122 copy JohnsonBabyBump-111 copy

The Murrays Baby Bump #2

Maternity photos are somehow more difficult to plan when you already have a little one! We finally made time to take these amazing shots of the gorgeous Tiffany & co. and it was a good thing… her water broke the next day and little Olivia arrived soon after! So grateful for you Murrays and your precious baby girls.


Baby Bump at the Fair

Ryan and Rachel are so much fun! They are expecting their little one to be born soon… and they have held out on discovering the gender! It’s fitting that they chose such a fun, untraditional, and exciting location to commemorate this time of anticipation. Whether boy or girl, this child is going to have a couple of amazing parents.