Silver Roots {Holiday}

Oh hurrah for fashion! I have so much fun shooting with my friends over at SilverRoots Jewelry. If you are on the hunt for fun, fresh, affordable pieces for yourself, for a friend, for a family member, check their site! Gift-giving is in the air my friends! The colorful holiday collection was just released and can be seen here as worn by the lovely Lauren, styled by the ever-incredible Tiffany Murray. Also, their Spring and Summer collections are on sale — get this original, limited quantity beauties while you can!

2014-11-16_0008 2014-11-16_0009 2014-11-16_0010 2014-11-16_0001 2014-11-16_0002 2014-11-16_0003 2014-11-16_0004 2014-11-16_0005 2014-11-16_0007Know where your gifts come from! All the goods at SilverRoots are handmade in Peru by artisans my friend Julia has connected with. The vibrant culture of Peru serves as her roots. You can read more about Julia here. Happy shopping!

SilverRoots Summer {Adventure}

Ok… if you loved SilverRoots Spring… you’ll flip your lid for SilverRoots Summer.

Ah… summer. Time for wind in your hair and sun in your face– Exploring beautiful places, wearing beautiful things. Go somewhere this summer; shop the adventure here: 

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SilverRoots SPRING

All right friends, at least in So. Cal, spring seems to be rapidly blurring into summer, HOWEVER, it is still SPRING, for at least another month…even if it’s randomly 95 degrees. I had an incredible time earlier in the season doing this shoot for SilverRoots Jewelry and you know what? Their color choices and styles for their Spring Collection have been on point with fashion trends. Still loving the way these photos turned out and how these gorgeous, amateur models embodied the spirit of SilverRoots. Treat yourself, a special graduate, your mama, your sister, your bridesmaids to one of these amazingly gorgeous, fresh, original pieces. Styling by Julia of SilverRoots; hair & make-up by the stellar Tiffany Murray. 2014-05-28_0019 2014-05-28_0020 2014-05-28_0025 2014-05-28_0026 2014-05-28_0024 2014-05-28_0021 2014-05-28_0023 2014-05-28_0027 2014-05-28_0022

SilverRoots Jewelry {Meet Julia}

This is Julia. She’s my friend.

This is Julia & John. They’re married. They like each other!
These are Julia’s pretty little friends.
2014-04-06_0003Julia is a dreamer, and a go-getter. Being from Peru originally, she has a soft spot in her heart for the vibrant, beautiful, simaltaneously modern and traditional, people and culture. She is partnering with artisans in Peru to capture their culture and put it into beautiful, wearable art. This venture is a reminder that there is beauty in our roots when we are willing to connect, dig deep, dream big, and work hard to grow something beautiful from them. Check her out at SilverRoots Jewelry.