Jenna + Justin {Part 1}

A gorgeous and glowing afternoon, radiant green and pastel gardens, friends and family joyful with anticipation…. this is what awaited Jenna & Justin as they prepared for their ceremony. In the clandestine charm of a quaint vintage home, they saw one another for the first time. A quiet, tender moment where they caught their breaths and let the beauty of the upcoming hours sink in. This is how their wedding began.


2014-04-24_0004 2014-04-24_0002 2014-04-24_0005 2014-04-24_0006 2014-04-24_0007 2014-04-24_0008 2014-04-24_0009 2014-04-24_0010Don’t fret friends – more of this delicious day to come! (shout out to the incredible Lori-Lynn Navarro for the killer detail pics and the to-die-for shot of Jenna descending the stair case. Oh be still my wide-angle-loving heart!)

My Best Friend’s Wedding

All right, my experience is nothing like the romantic comedy in the 90s, but it’s just so catchy! :) My best friend Anissa just married Benjamin this past weekend in Oklahoma. I was ridiculously blessed to be by her side as Maid of Honor (yes I’m married, but I don’t care for the word ‘matron’). I have never cried so much at such an insanely joyful event. Loved every second of it. Just a couple months a go we were able to take their engagement photos in San Diego, where Anissa grew up. These two are so in love, it’s silly. I am so thrilled for the many adventures they will take from this point forward. Love you both.


Kim & Ian {Engagement}

KI Skyline 1

From the moment we first met Kim & Ian, we’ve been dying to get to know them more. When they told us that they are getting married at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park, it was all we could do to not get on our knees and beg them to let us capture their ceremony as we thought of the creative artistic opportunities such a unique location would afford. Fortunately for us, Kim & Ian are entrusting us with their wedding photography! This past Sunday, Laura & I (Emily) had the pleasure of meeting Kim & Ian for their engagement shoot at Griffith Park. Our time with them proved to us that they are just as vivacious & whimsical as we had expected…

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