Coping Like Champions

I can’t even believe that these two just had their one-year anniversary! I know you’ve seen a few shots from their amazing day, but I have not done a full story share… until now! This day was just full to the brim with emotions … all – the – feels. There was such tenderness, unabashed celebration, connection, inclusion,  laughter, passion, rolling with the punches … the day was a whirlwind of amazingness and I think it took me a full year to process and narrow down the myriad of amazing moments to share. Mark & Courtney, I still feel so ridiculously privileged to have had a front row seat to this extravagant love fest. The two of you take love from an abstract concept into a tangible energy that pervades everything about you. Thanks for letting the world see it. You make me believe in love. Here is just a peek at the fun, fun, fun shoots we did all over Pasadena and Glendale. Forever grateful to my day-of team/lifesavers Nicholas Arce & Lori-lynn Navarro. We are the Champions my friends.  xx


A Little Country Lovin’

Randi & Tim grew up in the Norco area – a little cowboy city tucked in amongst sprawling urban and suburban So. Cal. where they have horse trails in lieu of sidewalks and rodeos are a regular occurrence. It’s only fitting that they wanted an engagement shoot to capture their country side. These two are as friendly and relaxed as the place they call home. So pleased to have spent the afternoon with them, chasing light and capturing these moments.

Baby Bump at the Fair

Ryan and Rachel are so much fun! They are expecting their little one to be born soon… and they have held out on discovering the gender! It’s fitting that they chose such a fun, untraditional, and exciting location to commemorate this time of anticipation. Whether boy or girl, this child is going to have a couple of amazing parents.