Welcome To Wonderland

Here it is – a sample of the outcome of a fun project I have been dreaming up with my artist friend Tegwyn Deforest, since we collaborated on our Wild & Lost shoot last year. I wanted our children to visit Wonderland and have a Mad Tea Party with my favorite creatures and characters from this bizarre and cherished story. This of course demanded a lot of my costumer, and my own creative set design, but we rose to the challenge! We have so much fun cultivating imagination in our kids and ourselves. This particular literary moment is such a great thing to encapsulate a portion of childhood. The crazed Hatter and Hare are perpetually at tea-time, with clocks frozen and time still. There is no way to pause time and keep our children from growing up, but epic photos certainly help freeze their essence and savor it just a bit longer. Enjoy a trip down the rabbit hole with the maddest, zaniest, cutest, creature-children I’ve seen yet, featuring our very non-pro children (who I am immensely proud of) as Alice, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, March Hare & Mad Hatter. And, may you lose yourself on the border of imagination and complete madness.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the cat: “we’re all mad here.”
– Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Love That Grows

What an amazing weekend full of wonderful people. It’s such an honor to document these fantastic memories, time and again. Look at this darling little pricipetta! I love the results of this shoot so much.

2015-10-13_0014 2015-10-13_0015 2015-10-13_0016 2015-10-13_0017 2015-10-13_0018 2015-10-13_0019 2015-10-13_0020 2015-10-13_0021 2015-10-13_0022 2015-10-13_0023

Frankie J

There are hardly words to express my love for this little family and it’s newest member, Franklin Justice Shalom. Anissa has been my friend since our 2nd semester of college… and once we became friends we wondered why we had wasted a whole semester not together. It took her longer than she hoped, but God brought her her dream man, Benjamin and just last year they got married… much to my great joy and delight! They are all that you hope for in a couple – loving each other, having adventures, loving people. Now this little beautiful has burst on the scene and I am pretty sure she is the neatest person ever born. Let me introduce you to my friend Frankie J.

2014-08-05_0002   2014-08-05_0003 2014-08-05_0004 2014-08-05_0005 2014-08-05_0006 2014-08-05_00072014-08-05_00012014-08-05_00082014-08-05_00092014-08-05_00102014-08-05_00132014-08-05_00112014-08-05_0014

Spring Is In The Air!

I have had an amazing time shooting spring sessions with, for the first time, live bunnies! I am so thankful for the creative, amazing, spirited, try-anything-once families that are my friends and clients. I LOVE how all these came out. I hope I can make it happen again next year!

My little blonde boy…

Clementine, the Adorable
2014-04-15_0002 2014-04-15_0003
River, Jade & Fox2014-04-15_0004
2014-04-15_0014 2014-04-15_0005

Jo & Caleb 2014-04-15_0006
The beautiful sisters2014-04-15_0007
Little Lincoln2014-04-15_0008
Baby Bryce!2014-04-15_0009
Karis & Sarah2014-04-15_0010 2014-04-15_0011 2014-04-15_0012
Mr. Reed2014-04-15_0013
Dashing brothers2014-04-15_0015 2014-04-15_0016

Super siblings!2014-04-15_0017 2014-04-15_0018 2014-04-15_0019
Mead Fam2014-04-15_00202014-04-15_0021 2014-04-15_0022 2014-04-15_0023 2014-04-15_0024 2014-04-15_0025

Small Things: Big Dreams

A baby brings so much to a family! New hopes, a fresh future, big dreams, tiny things, excitement, and sleeplessness. I had a wonderful time being with the Tennysons and baby Gregory, who bears the namesake of his father and his father’s father. They have big plans for this tiny little wonder.

Holiday Sessions: Garcia Family

Honest to goodness, these lovely people are my neighbors. The kind that you borrow sugar from, invite to your kids birthday parties, and you tear down the hazardous, dilapidated fence between your backyards when they move in and decide you really don’t need it…. four years later, still don’t need it. We took these out in our street. Love, love, love.