Bernabe + Adriana

I love all the little moments in weddings I am privy to that maybe your average wedding-goer doesn’t notice. I love that most men who wear bow ties are trying to tie them for the first time and have to hunt for someone that knows how to do it because YouTube tutorials aren’t cutting it. I love the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride come down the aisle (even if they have had a first sight, this moment is still priceless). I love the gentle, awkward way the father of the bride (or other important giver-awayer) hands off the lovely bride then backs away, unsure how to navigate the train of the dress because it wasn’t there in rehearsal. I love the moment the rings go on and both bride and groom pause to twirl them, experiencing the weight for the first time. I love the looks of elation, and an unspoken, “This is it! We did it!” After the vows and right before that first kiss.

Bernabe and Adriana – your day had all these elements, plus some others that were firsts for me! I love that no matter what, there is always something YOU-nique about a wedding. I had never experience a live mariachi band playing the choruses during a Catholic service. This was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking things I’ve ever experienced in a wedding ceremony. I never knew about your amazing reception location, tucked secretly in the hills of unincorporated Riverside/Perris. I loved that Bernabe’s suit was navy and that Adriana was so elegantly bedazzled. I also love that very quickly it became clear what is important to the two of you: family, friends, faith, food, and each other. Thank you so much for having us out for this amazing day!



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