Brinkleys – That Family Life

David surprised Becca with a photo session for Mother’s Day ((he’s a thoughtful guy :)). I love how these two care for each other and how their world is more challenging yet more complete with their one year old. I made Becca model her new ink, enjoyed chasing Marie down for these great toddler action photos, and capturing the little family interactions that all add up to fun and love.

2015-05-30_00332015-05-30_0018 2015-05-30_0019 2015-05-30_0020 2015-05-30_0021 2015-05-30_0022 2015-05-30_0023 2015-05-30_0024 2015-05-30_0025 2015-05-30_0026 2015-05-30_0027 2015-05-30_0028 2015-05-30_0029 2015-05-30_0030 2015-05-30_0031 2015-05-30_0032


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