Jinnae + Nathan

Blogging has taken the backseat to getting all my lovely Fall shoots their goodies before the holidays and me actually taking time off to just be with my family. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and is ready for 2015, because here it is!

Here is one of the BEAUTIFUL fall weddings I got to shoot, with my hot-hubby as 2nd shooter, for our dear friend Jinnae and her beau Nathan. We made a fly up and fly back trip to Nor Cal to shoot this goodness. I love the results! Here is the long overdue full-story blog. Wishing overflowing joy to you both!

2015-01-04_0001 2015-01-04_0002 2015-01-04_0003 2015-01-04_0004 2015-01-04_0005 2015-01-04_0006 2015-01-04_0007 2015-01-04_0008 2015-01-04_0009 2015-01-04_0010 2015-01-04_0011 2015-01-04_0012 2015-01-04_0013

JNBridalParty-19 2015-01-04_0014 2015-01-04_0015 2015-01-04_0016 2015-01-04_0017 2015-01-04_0018 2015-01-04_0019 2015-01-04_0020 2015-01-04_0021 2015-01-04_0022 2015-01-04_0023 2015-01-04_0024 2015-01-04_0025 2015-01-04_0026 2015-01-04_0027 2015-01-04_0028 2015-01-04_0029 2015-01-04_0030 2015-01-04_0031

One thought on “Jinnae + Nathan

  1. Nancy Anderson says:

    So beautiful – your smile is so contagious and what a beautiful celebration. Love the picture of the two of you with Dave as the driver in his beautiful car. Congratulations!


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