Ariel + Chris {Wedding Part 1}

What a FABULOUS wedding. Ariel & Chris celebrated the uniting of their lives with a whole boat load of friends and family at the home of Ariel’s parents. What an amazing group of people. What love in the air, what a gorgeous house! There is something extra magical about a wedding day when you can almost tangibly feel the love and support of friends and family. I feel so honored and blessed to have spent the day with these two and their community. Here is the first post of their special day. I was thrilled again to have the lovely Lori-Lynn Navarro shoot this with me.


2014-09-13_0002 2014-09-13_0003 2014-09-13_00092014-09-13_00082014-09-13_0004 2014-09-13_00312014-09-13_0005 2014-09-13_0006 2014-09-13_0007 2014-09-13_0010 2014-09-13_0011 2014-09-13_0012 2014-09-13_0013 2014-09-13_00152014-09-13_0014


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