Frankie J

There are hardly words to express my love for this little family and it’s newest member, Franklin Justice Shalom. Anissa has been my friend since our 2nd semester of college… and once we became friends we wondered why we had wasted a whole semester not together. It took her longer than she hoped, but God brought her her dream man, Benjamin and just last year they got married… much to my great joy and delight! They are all that you hope for in a couple – loving each other, having adventures, loving people. Now this little beautiful has burst on the scene and I am pretty sure she is the neatest person ever born. Let me introduce you to my friend Frankie J.

2014-08-05_0002   2014-08-05_0003 2014-08-05_0004 2014-08-05_0005 2014-08-05_0006 2014-08-05_00072014-08-05_00012014-08-05_00082014-08-05_00092014-08-05_00102014-08-05_00132014-08-05_00112014-08-05_0014


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