SilverRoots Summer {Adventure}

Ok… if you loved SilverRoots Spring… you’ll flip your lid for SilverRoots Summer.

Ah… summer. Time for wind in your hair and sun in your face– Exploring beautiful places, wearing beautiful things. Go somewhere this summer; shop the adventure here: 

2014-06-12_00012014-06-12_0007 2014-06-12_0008 2014-06-12_0009 2014-06-12_0010 2014-06-12_0011 2014-06-12_0012 2014-06-12_0014 2014-06-12_0015 2014-06-12_00162014-06-12_00062014-06-12_00042014-06-12_0017


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