Spring Is In The Air!

I have had an amazing time shooting spring sessions with, for the first time, live bunnies! I am so thankful for the creative, amazing, spirited, try-anything-once families that are my friends and clients. I LOVE how all these came out. I hope I can make it happen again next year!

My little blonde boy…

Clementine, the Adorable
2014-04-15_0002 2014-04-15_0003
River, Jade & Fox2014-04-15_0004
2014-04-15_0014 2014-04-15_0005

Jo & Caleb 2014-04-15_0006
The beautiful sisters2014-04-15_0007
Little Lincoln2014-04-15_0008
Baby Bryce!2014-04-15_0009
Karis & Sarah2014-04-15_0010 2014-04-15_0011 2014-04-15_0012
Mr. Reed2014-04-15_0013
Dashing brothers2014-04-15_0015 2014-04-15_0016

Super siblings!2014-04-15_0017 2014-04-15_0018 2014-04-15_0019
Mead Fam2014-04-15_00202014-04-15_0021 2014-04-15_0022 2014-04-15_0023 2014-04-15_0024 2014-04-15_0025


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