Danny + Stephanie {Part 1}

Oh my word. This wedding was so sweet and precious I cried…. professionally of course… through the whole thing. Stephanie has always been very endearing to me, with her vibrance and enthusiasm. Danny is the strong and silent type, but even he can’t help at least smirk, if not smile when Stephanie is gushing over him. :) They truly shared their hearts’ desires through the way they spent their day. They clearly value Jesus as their greatest treasure, and each other as precious gifts from Him. You can feel when you are with them how much they desire to serve each other as they embark on their journey together AND to serve others. Everyone in attendance felt loved and special just– like family. Thank you guys for letting me share this day with you. (and thanks to the ever wonderful Lori-Lynn Navarro for shooting with me!)

I love that we got to do their getting ready, first sight, and portraits in the YARD of their new, first home together! So special. I’m going to cry again…



2014-04-03_0004 2014-04-03_0005





2014-04-03_0015 2014-04-03_0016 2014-04-03_0017


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