Ike Makes History; Jux Makes Airwaves

In early 2009, Juxtapose took on the challenge of documenting the post season of a local high school basketball team. Juxtapose began rolling tape on this unassuming, modest team from Eisenhower High School of Rialto when they were in the race for a regional title.  The more we watched them play, the more it became evident that this was no average team.  With a quiet confidence that had no trace of arrogance, this squad of 9 averagely-sized adolescents repeatedly dominated the court with mature perfection…

We originally took on this gig with the idea that a few DVDs would be sold to parents and close friends of the team.  A month later, we found ourselves filming a parade thrown by the entire city of Rialto; this under-rated team had taken the state championship! Juxtapose was honored to take part in the first state championship won by any school in San Bernardino County.  In addition to this great experience, Juxtapose was also given the opportunity for further exposure.  We created an hour-long documentary of the team’s (and school’s) state championship experience, and the documentary began airing on KRTO in May.  It has since aired 5 times and there is talk of extending the documentary to multiple hours of the school’s entire post season experience.

Here is a quick glimpse of the documentary.  For the full DVD, contact us via email.  Go Ike Basketball!


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