Hangin’ With Moi

Moi 13

Juxtapose has the privilege of knowing many supremely talented and also personally fabulous people, one of whom is Moises Navarro, lead singer of the band, Moi. We were able to spend some down time with Moi, (between trips to Japan and Hawaii) and while Chad & Lawson rolled tape for a website promo video, I (Emily) snapped some shots that showcase two of his other passions: Rock Star Fashion, and his 77 Chevy Nova…

While they started as a local Riverside band several years a go, Moi has now dazzled crowds at thousands of shows worldwide. Their newest iTunes release, The NYC Sessions, highlights Moi’s insanely beautiful, intense, soulful vocals as well as the performance perfection of a band with experience and passion. They are currently re-vamping their website, but can still be found at http://www.moimusic.org.

Moi 4

Moi 2

Moi 3

Moi 6

Moi 7

Moi 5

Moi 12

Moi 11


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