Maximum Image + Juxtapose = Maximum Creativity


Stylish, cutting-edge, professional, relaxing, inviting; these are just some of the adjectives that portray the ambiance of our new favorite place to be pampered, Maximum Image Salon & Day Spa in Riverside, CA. Creating Maximum Image’s promotional video is a true team effort, utilizing all of our talents in videography, photography, planning, directing, set-design, etc.! We’re not sure who had a better time… our team or the stylists! Check back as we have a second shoot with these stylists and their hair models in the near future. The promo video is due to be released for their fashion-show in April, so stay-tuned. Here is a glimpse of the Juxtapose crew hard at work, showcasing this top IE salon and its stylists in all their natural glam. Go ahead, click on the “Read More”… 


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