Brendon & Staci

Crestmore Manor

Crestmore Manor - Courtesy



While Laura headed to Nor. Cal. to photograph, Chad and I (Emily) stayed local to capture the happy marriage of Staci Estopinal to Brendon Hunt… These recent grads of CBU have been dating since the summer before their freshmen year! It was a wonderful wedding. The ceremony and reception were held at Crestmore Manor in Riverside, CA. It was a fabulous location! The lighting was amazing at 5:30pm, on the lawn nestled between peaceful, towering oaks, facing a rippling pond, complete with lily fronds and drowsy ducks. The reception in the carriage house was delightfully jubilant. It was clear that the bride and groom effortlessly enjoyed themselves and their guests. They surprised everyone when they started their first dance, which quickly morphed into an upbeat, silly, choreographed number to Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” Dinner and a show? How fabulous!

There was a delicious charm about the entire venue. We can’t wait to edit our footage!

Congratulations Brendon & Staci – you’re a beautiful couple. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.

One thought on “Brendon & Staci

  1. juxtaposeevents says:

    i have seen that dance by the way, and oh my heck, its pretty darn amazing. i think they should strut their stuff on america’s got talent. or show up some of those “rockin’ reception” displays of first dances. they’d win. hands down! — will post it soon!


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